Town Transit

Town Transit

Town Transit solves the important problems faced by small and medium sized transit agencies. The solution is based on a powerful AVL that streams location data from your vehicles every five seconds.
UniteGPS’s route planning software is so simple—you just click and design the route. It’s just three clicks to get to anywhere you need to go. Lesley Jackson, Operations Supervisor Twin Transit
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Ridership Tracking

Keep track of when and where your riders are boarding and exiting

  • Track boarding and alightings
  • Ridership data integrated with routing & planning
  • Create heat maps to inform planning process


Efficient, easy to use route optimization

  • Create routes optimized according to evolving needs in your community
  • Save time using our fully integrated online tools
  • Dynamically update and publish to online app, GTFS, and internal use

Signage & Fleet View

Monitor every vehicle in your fleet on a single map.

  • Empower your users with access to real time vehicle location information
  • View entire fleet on a single map using any device
  • Web based signage may be deployed in stations or aboard buses

Vehicle History

View a detailed history of where a vehicle has traveled on a map

  • Step by step breakdown of a vehicles history
  • Compare traveled route to the planned route
  • Quick lookup to check for reported speeding

Public Application

Custom application using your company logo.

  • Reduce calls from passengers asking about the location of buses
  • Empower your passengers with information needed to plan
  • Keep your passenger application in sync with GTFS data

Automated Stop Announcements

Announcements let your riders know the next stop

  • Empower your disabled passengers with automated ADA annunciations
  • Improve driver focus by eliminating the responsibility of calling out each stop
  • Implement annunciations without the need for expensive equipment