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About Us

When I was a child both of my parents worked hard to provide for our family. One day I missed the school bus and called my mother away from her work to drive me to school. As a result she lost time from work. My father was quite upset that I had been irresponsible in not catching the bus on time.

From that experience I was determined not to miss the bus again. I would wake up very early and head out to the bus stop just to be sure. At times I was so early that I would wait at the bus stop wondering why no other kids had arrived. Had the bus already come and gone? Had I managed to miss the bus again? My school bus and its sporadic arrival times caused me much anxiety.

In 2014, I realized the problem of not knowing the arrival time of the school bus could be solved. I began researching the problem and realized the leading providers of school bus fleet solutions were not focused on updating their software to serve the modern needs of schools and families. I set out to solve this problem.

At the time I was working as part of a team of developers at the University of California San Diego Supercomputer Center. I organized a team of friends with whom I had become friendly with at UCSD. We worked nights each week over Skype to design, develop and test our solution. Within a few months our solution was ready for pilot testing. I brought the solution to Schools and soon had signed up several districts.

Our pilot test was a success leading to our first paid customers. US Cellular caught wind of our success and offered UniteGPS a National Channel Marketing and Sales Agreement. Further success with US Cellular opened the door for UniteGPS to become a Verizon Preferred Partner. Through these relationships UniteGPS is marketed nationally and internationally.

UniteGPS now offers the most technologically advanced solution available for school bus fleet management.

Christopher Bunnell

UniteGPS Founder

To keep kids safe you must know where they are at all times. The UniteGPS mission is to track the whereabouts, in real time, of every school bus, in every fleet in America; and in doing so, provide an assurance for every parent for their child’s safety with their daily school bus experience.  The primary benefit of UniteGPS for both school districts as well as parental communities is The Power of Knowing.