Route Optimization

Route Optimization

UniteGPS Route Optimization saves time by effortlessly solving complex routing problems. Whether you are making deliveries or pick-ups we provide all the tools you need. The solution works by you providing your location data which the solution converts to rooftop locations. Our zones tool allows you to create rules specific to your routing needs. For example, maximum capacity by vehicle, areas of service and more. All of these features are neatly integrated with our routing solution where you can effortlessly create routes, combine and publish them for use by your team.


Up to 5000 Students

3,500 /year

  • Free Route Consulting
  • Town

    Up to 10,000 Students

    10,500 /year

  • Free Route Consulting
  • City

    10,000+ Students

    26,000 /year

  • Consulting $95 /hour