Crosswalk K-12 School Transportation Software

Monitor and Manage Your Students, Drivers and Route Schedules with Peace of Mind The safest and most efficient way to securely transport students is to have a complete bird's eye view of your school's transportation operation. UniteGPS' Crosswalk School Bus Transportation Solution Suite has been specifically designed for the ever changing school transportation environment. We look forward to speaking with you about our GPS tracking, Bus Driver Management, Route optimization/Scheduling, Student Stop Check and Substitute Driver Attendance features and more.

per bus per month

Route Optimization

Route optimization technology developed at MIT has been integrated with our cloud based Crosswalk K-12 solution. This technology shaves miles off existing routes and you can expect savings of between 5% and 15% on maintenance, labor, fuel and reduced need to replace vehicles

Stop Check

Prevent students from boarding the wrong bus, being dropped at the wrong bus stop or being left behind at the end of a route. Our solution detects each bus stop and displays the pictures and names of the kids assigned. Drivers use touch screen technology to verify whom boards and disembarks.

Precision Data

Our platform is designed for precision. Data is sent from our device aboard each vehicle every five seconds. The data is shared instantly with users. The data is stored in our mapping database for reference for 10 years.

Driver Report Cards

Driver keyfobs enable tracking of each one of your drivers. We have the capability to provide you with detailed information on rapid acceleration, harsh breaking, and speeding. Our mileage reports show the detail on number of route, event, special ed and vouc tech miles. This data helps your district maximize mileage reimbursement from Medicaid.

Mobile App for Parents & Students

Invite parents and students to view the real time location of their school bus. Parents may view their child’s route, bus stop and bus location. They are unable to see speed information. Crosswalk supports communication to parents in several languages including.

Vehicle Telemetry (J1939)

Keeping your fleet running at peak performance is critical to safety and controlling cost. Mechanical issues that go undetected or unreported by the drivers can lead to unnecessary damage and cost of repairs. It’s like having a diagnostic vehicle scanner plugged into the vehicle at all times.

System Mobility

Crosswalk is developed using the latest technology, which includes the ability of the entire solution to work equally well on a mobile device as a desktop. Take Crosswalk everywhere you go and be capable of making system changes at a moments notice.

Fleet View

Monitor every vehicle in your fleet on a single map. Location updates every five seconds allow dispatchers to make efficient decisions around coordinating events in the field.