Crosswalk K-12

Crosswalk K-12

Crosswalk K-12 for schools solves the important problems faced by school district transportation leaders. The solution is based on a powerful AVL that streams location data from your vehicles every five seconds.
I would highly recommend UniteGPS. You aren’t just another number to them. I was on the phone with them at least 3 times a week during set-up and at least once a week now. They are more than willing to help out in any way they can. And their price is very competitive for what they’re offering. Wes Pike, Supervisor of Transportation Weld County School District RE-1

Student Tracking

Prevent students from boarding the wrong bus, being dropped at the wrong bus stop or being left behind at the end of a route with our Stop Check solution.

  • Supports RFID cards, Barcodes, and touch screen
  • Live student status on mobile app
  • Military grade tablet with built in reader

Route Optimization

Efficient, easy to use route optimization.

  • Identify student homes, create zones, create stops
  • Create rules to manage operating cost and efficiency
  • Publish and share routes with drivers

Pre & Post Trip Inspections

Pre and post trip inspections allow you to easily keep track of any issues or defects.

  • Follow your state's trip inspection guidelines
  • Mechanical and other issues shared in real time with mechanical staff
  • Inspections sheets automatically saved to the cloud

Field Trip Management

Improve the efficiency of your field trips with our end to end field trip manager.

  • Empower your district with online request capability
  • Automate and speed approval process
  • Assign bus, driver and share the live map with your school community

Turn-by-turn Directions

Share current route, bus stop and names of students assigned to each stop with bus drivers via live interactive map.

  • Share route, stops and students assignments with drivers
  • Avoid wrong bus and wrong stop errors
  • Provide drivers the information they need to succeed

School Information System Integration

Integrate your existing school information system with unitegps

  • Keeps in sync with School Information System
  • Eliminates manual rework
  • Daily automated data feed