Technology Advantage

The technology behind UniteGPS is the most advanced in the industry. Our service is provided by what is known as Software as a Service (SAAS). This means that our software is not located on your premises and never sits on your computers. Instead of our service running on servers and using up data storage at your school district our company handles everything from our data center. Your transportation department, school administrative staff, and parents need only log into the UniteGPS website and everything is provided. SAAS applications in line with UniteGPS School Bus are on the cutting edge of versatility, speed and simplicity. If you are considering a solution that installs software onsite consider the advantages of UniteGPS SAAS technology.Advantages

  • No Contracts: We think schools should be able to upgrade their Fleet Tracking when they want. That is why our rate plans don't have contracts that stop you from making a change. This also keeps us listening to our customers and keeping our solution on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Superior Solution at Lower Cost: The rich advantages that the SAAS delivers are rapid deployment, low maintenance, free upgrades, low cost and easy configuration. This translates into substantial savings that is passed along to schools in the form of lower cost and a superior solution.
  • Automatic Software Updates:No need to update anything on your side, all software and server maintenance is handled directly by the UniteGPS Team.
  • Disaster Recovery: The UniteGPS School Bus solution is backed up in remote locations to assure that your service and data is protected. Since our software is delivered over the web and never installed on your machines you need not worry about backing up a local system.
  • Speed: UniteGPS server infrastructure is supported by the unlimited availability of Cloud Servers. This means that our system automatically scales to meet the demand of users. As a result, our system performance remains steady through times of peak or low demand.
  • Convenience: Our application may be accessed from anywhere rather than being restricted to certain computers located at the school.
  • Ex-Capital Expenditures: You will never need to obtain capital expenditures for hardware to run our solution.