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Parents angry after children dropped off at wrong bus stop nearly 3 miles from home is a common headline impacting students, parents and other people responsible for keeping them safe. The people responsible for transporting students to and from school have a huge level responsibility that I think is taken largely for granted. So let me begin by saying thank you to the drivers, mechanics, administrative staff and others that work the on the front line of keeping kids safe.

There are many GPS...

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There are many GPS devices on the market but few are as robust and reliable as those designed and manufactured by CalAmp. CalAmp devices are deployed for some UniteGPS solutions. We use the 2600 Series of devices in our standard deployment. There are millions of these devices deployed around the world.

Devices and Antenna Styles: Devices have either an internal antenna or external antenna. Devices with internal antennas must have a clear view of the sky. This typically means mounting the device on the dash with Velcro or some other...

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Talk with school transportation directors about finances and they will tell you there's no extra money in their budget. In 2015, the budget of an average school district was $47M with $1.75M allocated to transportation. (1) The average school district has a 35-bus fleet and is spending $50,000 per bus per year. (2) 

An average sized school district will be able to lower cost at least 10% by following a strategy of eliminating waste. Technology can provide easy access to useful metrics that identify waste and help with management. If you do not have technology that makes getting answers easy there are simple ways to get the information without needing to...